Allegheny County Tax Liens (Filings, Satisfactions, and Current Status)

Tax liens are a method the government uses to secure an interest in unpaid tax debt. This dataset represents information about county, municipal, school district, and water/sewer tax liens by parcel (and property identification number, where available). This dataset includes the name of the municipality, county or school district filing, the date that the lien was filed, and the tax amount at the date of filing.

This data is based on records that were filed dating back to 1995. This dataset will be updated with the previous month's filings as new data becomes available (typically, close to the beginning of the month).

Delinquent Tax Docket numbers are not unique identifiers. Instead, users need to combine the Delinquent Tax Docket number, the tax year, and the lien description.

This dataset represents our best effort to describe the state of tax liens. Users are encouraged to consult the Allegheny County Department of Court Records web site, as it is the definitive and most reliable source for this information:

More detailed and up-to-date information on each lien can be found on that site.

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